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Legal Support

If you have proof that you or your children have been the victims of domestic abuse or violence and you cannot pay for legal fees, you may be eligible for legal help.

What help will you get?

Legal advice, paperwork preparation, and hiring someone to represent you in negotiations or court will all be covered by legal assistance. Legal aid may also include counselling and help with other family-related issues, including finances, mediation, criminal damage, harassment, stalking, divorce, and situations where a child may need to be placed in foster care.

You’ll need evidence

Most of the time, you’ll need to show that your ex-partner put you or your children in danger. Proof can be obtained from various sources such as the courts, cops, MARAC – Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference, a doctor, nurse, midwife, psychologist, a domestic violence support service, your bank – such as credit card accounts, loan documents, and statements, your employer, and others.

Our role

The assistance provided by domesticviolence.org.uk is intended to assist you in getting emergency protection against your abuser. Additionally, we have legal aid attorneys on our solicitors’ panel who will represent you at no cost. We will contact you to help you with your witness statement and other necessary documents.

You are not alone

Contact domesticviolence.org.uk and our skilled attorneys will provide you with the support and expert legal counsel you need to take charge of the issue.