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24/7 Helpline for Sexual/Physical Abuse

A recent study suggests that ‘out of two million women that participated in the study 27% of women aged 15-49 have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by a male partner in their lifetime’. If you know someone are or experiencing domestic violence please contact our helpline for guidance and support.

Are you living in an abusive or forced marriage? We are here to help you provide legal aid in all divorce and separation cases under applicable laws. Our expert divorce lawyers deals with all family settlement cases and help you move out of an abusive marriage with complete legal and financial aid.

Domestic violence is illegal. Raise your voice against domestic violence, and let us help you. We have a team of certified lawyers, expert solicitors, and senior attorneys to help move out of this situation. You do not need to face it anymore; we will handle it professionally and confidentially and compensate for your loss by following the law.

Workplace Harassment Support

The culture of workplace harassment is unacceptable. Report workplace harassment cases and help us punish the harasser. Our lawyers have expertise in filing complaints against the harasser and getting immediate restraining orders. On the contrary, we can also support you if you are falsely accused of harassment.

Women’s Aid and Refuge

You don’t need to share the same property with your abuser. Our women’s aid and refuge service provides a life-saving service by connecting you with a welfare organizations, where you can get a safe place to stay. Our services include protection, financial, and legal support to move you away from your abuser and keep you safe.

Children Custody Support

Are you worried about your child custody or facing difficulty in pursuing the legal guardianship of a child? Our trained family lawyers can take your stress away; let them dealing with difficult situations. Getting assistance from skilled lawyers is essential as child custody is no longer a simple legal procedure. Our experience and expertise provide you with the best advice you need for custody of your child.

Gender Discrimination Support

Gender discrimination blemishes society. If you are being victimized by gender discrimination at your workplace and are not getting legal rights, our team is for your support.  It is a complex area of law that one should seek guidance from gender discrimination lawyers if they are facing any harassment on a gender basis. So, our experienced gender discrimination lawyer will protect your rights in the workplace.

Cyberbullying and Harassment Support

Have you gone through issues like illegal hacking, cyberbullying or any other online harassment? Our team has significant skills in public and private law litigation related to cybercrime. Our lawyers deal with these cases technically and professionally after critically analysing the issue from every aspect. We ensure legal support to the accused and victims of cybercrime by claiming penalties, respectively.

Human Trafficking Support

We aim to represent trafficked individuals and protect their rights. Our recognized law firm deals with providing support to trafficking victims under national and international law. Connect with us for filing complaints against human trafficking and challenges in court to conduct an adequate investigation of the matter. We also ensure that the victim gets all financial support and security.

Financial Aid

Are you running out of money, facing problems meeting your utility bills or loan repayments? Our team is there to help you get back on track with our financial assistance. We provide complete assistance in organizing your payment plans and changing your loan repayment terms and conditions.

Consultation with Expert Solicitors

Are you facing any hurdles in getting legal rights? We always encourage you to seek professional assistance from our legal experts. Our experts can deal with any legal matter regarding the procedure of law. You do not need to bother yourself with complicated legal situations, like making a contract, going through divorce, or bankruptcy. You can ensure your rights are protected by law with the help of our legal advisors.